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June 13, 2017

Sri Aditya Township celebrates Sixth Anniversary

Sri Aditya Township is celebrated its sixth anniversary with officials in a pleasant evening at Hotel Dolphin in Visakhapatnam on June 13, 2017.

In 2006, Sri Sagi. Ravi Varma garu had entered in real estate business alone with 100000/- INR investment and become successful by facing several challenges when there was less importance to the real estate business. He became an inspiration to those who want to become successful in real estate sector and then he started a real estate company by the name Sri Aditya Township in 2011 for offering employment, helping interested to people to settle well in the real estate sector and also to offer best service to the customers.

sixth anniversary of sri aditya township

The legacy of Sri Aditya Township is celebrating today six years and continuing its journey with more than 100 employees including 500+ marketing executives and also more than 2000 happy customers with five prestigious mega gated communities.

Sri Sagi. Ravi Varma, the managing director of Sri Aditya Township is excited today by seeing the result of his initial daring step at the starting of his business. He is very happy and thanked every employee who played a vital role in making Sri Aditya Township as a top real estate company today in Visakhapatnam.

The honourable managing director expressed his vision and also his future plans about Sri Aditya Township and its upcoming prestigious mega gated communities and also officially announced the sixth prestigious project named Akshaya Grand on sixty anniversary.

The official branch manager of Birla Junction. Sri Ramana garu proudly said that he witnessed how Sri Aditya Township changed the life of several poor people and also revealed how lot of people are attracted to join our company to settle their careers and also shared how Sri Aditya Township launches its prestigious projects and making them successful in today market.

The official manager of Gajuwaka branh, Sri Brahmaji garu shared the marketing tips and inspired his colleagues to become successful in real estate business with Sri Aditya Township.

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